Rules and Conditions

Conditions of Entry

  • Children are to be supervised by an accompanying adult. Daylesford Play Cafe is not a registered child care centre or child care facility. At no time is the accompanying adult to leave the child unsupervised within the premises.
  • The accompanying adult is responsible for the child’s safety while at Daylesford Play Cafe.
  • The equipment at Daylesford Play Cafe had been fitted in accordance to the Australian Safety Standards. While every care is taken in eliminating any danger for you children, there will be incidences where accidents occur. Daylesford Play Cafe will not be held responsible for any such incidences.
  • Any accidents that occur need to be reported immediately to a staff member and an incident report form to be filled out.
  • Please respect other patrons.
  • Daylesford Play Cafe reserves the right to ask people to leave if they exhibit harmful or offensive behaviour.
  • No food or drink are to be brought into Daylesford Play Cafe with the exception of infant food.


Rules of Play Area

For the safety and enjoyment of all, patrons are asked to adhere to the following rules:

  • Please do not wear shoes while on the play equipment. Remove them before entering the play area.
  • Please wear socks at all times (if you did not bring socks they are available for purchase at the cafe).
  • The toddler area is suitable for children aged 0-4.
  • The large area is suitable for children aged 4-11.
  • No food or drink is to be brought into the play area.
  • Children are to be supervised by their parent/carer at all times.
  • Daylesford Play Cafe will make all efforts to ensure that play areas are clean and safe.
  • Please do not climb up the slide.
  • Please do not push in line.
  • Please do not push children on the slide.
  • No running.
  • Please do not climb on the play equipment netting.
  • Please no rough play. Children will be asked to leave for rough play at the discretion of the staff.
  • Daylesford Play Cafe does not take the responsibility for any injuries; patrons use the equipment at their own risk.
  • Please report any problems to staff immediately.



We hope you have a fun and safe visit to Daylesford Play Cafe and look forward to seeing you again soon.